New development in HK

New development in HK

Hi, Dori

Thanks for the update. We have moved into the Innovation Tower, our new school. Please

see the images. 

While our Yunnan centre continues to operate for joint programes and design projects,

we have now established a new research centre between the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

and Xian Jiaotong University. The centre focuses on research on creative cultures industry for

western China, as Shangxi (the province where Xian is the capital) moves to become the

first in China which promotes cultural industry as the main economic basis for the future. 

We are doing some exciting work in this centre, including a upcoming exhibition of Shangxi cultural elements

for design innovation (May 2014) in our new building, making a macro cinema of Chinese 

new year celebration in remote villages of Shanxi (end of January 2014) and other product design projects in collaboration with the artists and craftsmen in Shanxi province. 

We will post our exhibition plan and some visual materials starting after the Chinese new year.

Best wishes!

Ming Xi



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