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In preparation for my trip, I have been doing research on national design policies. Ken Friedman (Professor of Leadership and Strategic Design, Institute for Communication, Culture, and Language at Norwegian School of Management and the Center for Design Research, Denmark's Design School) uploaded to the anthrodesign list the design policies and reports for Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. Peter Boersma an experience designer in the Netherlands, sent me a copy of the design policy created by Premsela Foundation, which is funded by the the Dutch government and the city of Amsterdam. I had gathered the policy for South Korea and Britian as well.

There was an effort to look at Innovation policy in the US in 2005. Senator Lieberman introduced the National Innovation Act of 2005, but even its focus was on engineering as opposed to design.

In the next couple of weeks, I will be interviewing Ric Grefe of AIGA, Kristina Goodrich of IDSA, and Patrick Whitney from IIT Institute of Design on issues regarding civic design, US governance,  and national design policy. It will be interesting to explore how a US design policy would work if there was one and how it would engage with pretty well established European design policy.


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