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Catholic Church in Poland

Catholic Church in Poland
To say that Poland is a catholic country is an understatement. The reason why is quite fascinating. As pointed out by Andrej, our host, there are 3 main reasons:
1 When Poland was divided between the Austrio-Hungarian Empire, Prussia, and Russia, the Catholic Church was the unifying symbol of Polish identity. 2 During Communism, it was where the opposition could meet and thus the heart of Poland's liberation. Even now, the government has to respect for the Church by meeting with the ArchBishop or attending Church holiday events. 3 The worlc and death of Pope John Paul ll, has lead the youth back to the Catholic Church. According to the priest who guided us through the Dominican Convent, each year they accept 30 out of 50-60 applicants.

The Catholic Church is important to remember when thinking about relations with Poland. Moreso, than other places we have visited.



Welcome!It's great you've come to my country. But speaking about religion in Poland we have to (unfortunately) focus on the political dimension. Nowadays religious moods that you can read about in media are not so clear as it may seem. I think we can talk about crisis actually. There is a lot to discuss and research on this subject. How long are you going to be here? You should visit Lichen ( which is the most controversial religious place in Poland. And some Orthodox and Muslim places in eastern Poland as well if you have time. Have a nice stay. Aleksandra

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