Winding down in Brussels
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Leaving Europe

Image_00201 Okay I did not have time to write because I spent all day wondering Brussels, first with Julie of GMF Paris Office and then with Alyssa of the group. I bought Pierre Marcolini chocolate (oh, I'm going to have so many friends over the next couple of weeks), ate an "authentic" Belgian waffle, window-shopped at African Art galleries, antique stores, and sat filling out my GMF evaluation forms at an outdoors cafe.

This has been such a wonderful and enlightening experience and thank you to all who have contributed to making it so. I have fallen in love with each and every city that I visited and am excited about having people to hang out with, collaborate with, as I return to Europe again and again.

I promise on Monday to do more reflective pieces before returning to the grind of my American life, but I will hope to maintain certain practices including: the Bilbao three-hour lunch discussion with friends, the EU thinking in 10 - 20 years frames for planning, the Hamburg biking to everywhere, and the Polish freedom fighting against all odds.


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