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Winding down in Brussels

NATO and Public Diplomacy

This afternoon we had three fascinating briefings from NATO. I must admit that the perception of NATO that you get in the US is that really of the US doing everything and Tony Blair helping out. You get no idea that there are 26 members of NATO and 20 Partners countries including Russia. It blows my mind that Russia is a partner to NATO.

Image_00188 What made me the most happy is the discussion on Public Diplomacy with Nicola De Santis and James Synder, a US Information Officer. James Synder is not only a person in the US government who understands the power of design (including translation, plain language, etc.) but he has been advocating for changes for years. We had a great follow up after the briefing and he sent me a report he did on the challenges of Public Diplomacy. He mentions Clifford Geertz.

Anyway, I am really excited about this connection because I hope it will help me to figure out how to improve goverment communications not just with American citizens (as done in the work of Design for Democracy) but with the citizens of other nations. Ideally these communications can move beyond propaganda to be open, transparent, and clear communications and processes that increase international dialogue. That would be very exciting for me to pursue in the future, perhaps not a NATO, but in some other diplomacy-oriented organization combined with my teaching.


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