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Racism, immigration, and transatlantic comparisons

Today we had two presentations to help frame our European adventure. The first was from Helga Flores-Trejo. She is executive director of the Heinrich Boll Foundation. Although Mexican by birth and heritage, she is now a German citizen and is connected to the Green Party.

She spoke about immigration in Germany. The key points are that:
1 Germany has never seen itself as an immigrant nation. It has Turkish guest workers, who remain foreigners. 2 Citizenship had been based on a notion of blood as opposed to soil, as in the US.
3 There are some efforts by the government to recognize that they need to integrate young Turks, as Germans by finding out how Islam should be taught in State schools, offering German language courses, reforming immigration to allow those with one German parent to become citizens (1990), and offering a green card to recruit hitech Indian workers (but making the restrictions so great that none applied.)

More in 8 hours.

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