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Expanding the war on terror to Iran and Syria

Anyone who has spent 10 minutes watching Fox News in the US will come to realize that we, the US, are preparing to go, preferrably multilaterally, after Iran and Syria as the next front on the War on Terror.

Fox's framing of the conflict seems to focus on the fact that the rockets that Hezbollah are using were from Iran and Syria. The interpretation of this fact is that Iran and Syria are the ones "pulling the strings" in the conflict. Whether Hezbollah is fighting on behalf of Iran and Syria, I do not know, but it seems faulty logic to draw connections between those who provide the weapontry and those who use it. In that case, the US, with its $16.4 Billlion in military sales in 2004, would be "pulling the strings" of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Japan, Israel, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Australia, UK, Jordan, and South Korea as the top ten purchasers of US weapontry.
Download CRS report for Congress.pdf  Wow, this looks like the coalition of the willing for the war in Iraq.

The Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora appeared on Fox and was asked about the role of Iran and Syria.  Fox just having shown the bodies of injured Lebanese children critiqued the focus on Iran and Syria. Not allowing himself to be interrupted by the anchor, he passionately decried the "overkill" of over 50 children and women in Beirut. When they wanted to allow their field reporter to ask a question, the Prime Minister hung up on Fox News. The void was filled by two pundits who ignored what the Prime Minister said about Isreali killings to focus on his lack of criticism about Hezbollah.

The whole thing made me very sad because as a people, the US seems easily misled by how issues are framed by the media. I think about how many people still believed that Saddam Hussein had some relationship Al Queda after the President finally said that there was no connection.

So the war machine continues, I hope this time We the People will not accept war with Iran and Syria under false pretenses.


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