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Ocean_waves_800 Last week, I had a long conversation with Lauralee Alben, an amazing woman who is using Design to change the lives, work, and legacies of many Fortune 500 companies, but more importantly of women around the world. She has developed this Sea Change Design Process, by which people develop their Intent, Context, Relationships, and Flow for designing change in their lives.

What is so exciting for me is the discussions we had about alternative models for power, leadership, etc. Although her perspective is much more grounded in a woman-centered idea of power than mine. I find I much more for abolishing any essentialized ideas of gender, I appreciate the idea of leadership being about your ability to get people to trust the "intent" of a form of acting in the world while allowing the group of people, who share that intent, to help define the path that it will take.

It is very much akin to that which I am discovering through Tao and Tai Chi. But it centers on understanding and being able to guide the interrelatedness of all things from the physical to the spiritual and then being able to amplify and sustain that through relationships.

Anyway, it was such a powerful and inspirational meeting. I'm still buzzing off the connection made.


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