IDSA 2006 Final day notes
Corrections: IDSA conference

EPIC conference 2006

I just returned this morning from the EPIC 2006 conference. It was really amazing this year, with so many new faces and a more international presence. I gave a presentation yesterday morning entitled, The Yin and Yang of Seduction and Production: Shifting Social Transitions between Productive Force and Seductive Play in Industry.

This year I produced a performance piece of me interacting with the video and reading the paper. The reception of the piece was very life affirming. The reviews by people who came up to me were that my presentation was "lyrical, poetic, fresh, transporting." One woman said that she was so moved by the piece that she cried. My impression from a couple of people was that the audience stopped following my words and just rode along with the pleasurable experience of the words and music. This was great because it was partly what I wanted to accomplish in terms of creating a seductive environment for internal contemplation. Most importantly, people said that they began rethinking the way they approach communication and tools of ethnography in terms of exploring more uses of video, performance, and poetry.

For me, it confirmed that I am beginning to live and more effectively guide my theory in terms of this Yin Yang balance between emotional and wisdom minds, passion and direction.

So here is a very compressed version of the presentation. The quality is not very good, but it gives an impression of what I was trying to achieve. Its in Quicktime format and about 28MB.



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