IDSA 2006 Day 1 general session
IDSA 2006 Day 1 afternoon cont.

IDSA 2006 Day 1 afternoon sessions

The afternoon sessions were more diverse in topics:

I attended a hands-on interactive experience of multisensory design with users led by design researchers (Justine Carleton) and designers from Lextant (Jooyoung Oh) and P&G (Joshua Norman). It was a fun activity doing "card" sorting participatory design activitiies, but instead of cards they used objects (stuff) to stimulate feelings and reactions from users.  "What kinds of soft do you desire?" They use it cross-culturally in a user-centered design process and they use large enough sample sizes to quasi-quantify their qualitative techniques for people who normally love quantitative data. . If they have 100 people, then 56% have to say theme "energize" the same way for them to use it as an insight. In answer to the smallest and largest number of participants, they answered the best, "its based on who you have to convince."

It mostly seemed tied to gaining brand expectations. They showed how it led to the development of the POM tea bottle (earth friendly because reusable).

More later have to run to set up for my presentation.


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