Early voting on the DRE machine in Chicago
Opening of Wonderground conference

Blogging from Wonderground 2006 in Lisbon

Wonderground I arrived at the Wonderground Conference today (GMT) in the city of Lisbon. It is foggy, and hilly like SF as my colleague Daniel said. Some of it reminds me of Bilbao and some of Paris. I like the mixture of traditional Palaces and modern office buildings. The residential flats are like the ones in Bilbao, very tall.

I don't think the conference venue will have wifi, but I wil hope to blog through my cell phone. It is going to be interesting to see if this is my true "tribe" of people on the edge of design and research. It is very international.

I attended the reception tonight. Not much fun because I knew absolutely nobody and it felt like too much effort to introduce myself. It wil be better with name tags and conference topics to discuss.

I am super sleepy, not having had any real sleep for now 24 hours +.


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