Notes from am plenary session
DRS Wonderground Day 2 AM plenary

Afternoon session DRS meeting Day 1

afternoon session

P1: Digital design system Aoyama and.yamaguchi Cocept sketch 3d model and mock up model

Tool supports sketching and 3d models Repeat of drawing make decisions Digital tool sketcher does the same

Function for extracting sketch line
Interviewed car designers to find out what lines are extracted. Smoothness and sense movement. Adopted the pressure and velocity of pen to extract the best line.

Modification of sketch lines

Function for construction of 3d model. Car design using 7 silohuette views. Put into 2q lines of perspective project . Tool creats other views. Can translate to parallel view and can correct it.

Good line extraction maximum pressure minimal changes in pressure and velocity use positional averages to modify line

2D sketch inputted in perspective view and then other views decided by system. Commentary Did not think about user. Not thought of used outside of car design.

P2: John Fraser collaborative tools for designers. 2001 _ 2004 link to design around the world. International team. Used blackboard tool. 4 weeks graphic design team projects.

Research is concerned with:
Use of public and private space. Synchronous and asychronous.

30 groups of 3 or 4 students Public space of introducts Balance private space with mentoring. Students wanted to protect problem solving and ideation Public forum for critique. Looked at success of work and communication. Conclude: scaffolding had propositional statements on work and critique of process. Number of messages Had to participate in critiques

Comments Files were exchanged by students. A lot were annoted. In some cases had leader and not others.
Strong mentorship broke sense of safety.

P3: Asim Yantar Sound design Ed for interactive media Taught for 7 years. Students not as creative with sound for interactive media design.
What is creativity: Often use speech sound but distracting when looped.
Sound design 3rd semester of 8. Give ability to design sound. Tried 4 versions of course. This is the fifth. Tie conceptual,space, to sound. Students still take video with just motion. Students select sound to covey emotion. Image conveyed through sound. Had to use non musical sound.

Sound physic Sound design skill. Realistic, non realistic, composition, and editing. Sound image relation Sound motion relation

Results of study 1 when sound is used most important data is motion 2 need to use non realistic or natural sound 3 sound.should make it easier for user to navigate 4 designer needs to be able to design sound or direct others 5 60% of students are able to do 4.


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