DRS conference day 3
Issue voter recognized in measures

Change in the guard

So yesterday's election results are in and a change in the guard is expected in the House of Representatives and more balance in the Senate. Interestingly enough, the stock market was lower in the news. I hope it had nothing to do with the flurry of referendums passed to increase the minimal wage.

The new DRE voting interfaces had a few problems in some states, but overall it seemed to work okay.

It is amazing how each election both take away and restores hope in the democratic process. I am struck by the extent to which it exposes the weakness and corruption yet the strenght and the hope of the grand experiment.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about good intentions not made manifest in the world as a form of broken promises. Politics is so much about "good intentions" although the corruption scandals of late both in the US and the world show there are bad intentions afoot as well. Yet the intentions rarely make themselves manifest in the world. That to me is now the main challenge and promise of design and govenmentality: having a mechanism to make good intentions manifested realities. This is somehow my personal challenge.


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