Wonderground Day 2 afternoon
DRS conference day 3

DRS day 3 am session 1

DRS day 3 Am Plenary Presenters:

Leslie Atzamon Visual rhetoric

Literature is the only art capable of rhetoric. Kerry. Masking of visual rhetoric.
visual artifacts are strucutred in same ways of verbal rhetoric.
Way that artifacts are used to define culture. Designers take it for granted that texture, etc. Has rhetorical significance. Literature visual cultural study, design history. Chris Linder

Lose sight of visual as theoretical form. Need to raise visual analysis to verbal analysis. consider design artifacts, culture looks at form. Puta visual artifacts as texts to be interpreted. The art of describing. Alpers.

Art history would look at iconography. Alpers would focus on cultural ambience of scientici occularity.

Dinosaur imagery changes over time based on new scientific knowledge. Curtis.

Flaxman and neo platonic forms and manufacturing design process. Web. Seeks conjuctional meaning. need to talk about intentionality. Imagine form and function for specific audience.

Her work looks at light of X rays in illustrations od Sidney Sime. Warning about strong light rays from hidden sources. Renewed visual culture of the artifact.

Comments Looking at form in historical and cultural context. How is culture embedded in the object. most material studies looks at culture's impact on design, see vice versa. (this the project that I am trying to do democracy artifacts.)

How do you connect in none visual form. She is putting together a complilation. There are some visual essays.

Graham McLaren National identity and british ceramic industry in pre war period.

About how manufacturers understand change. Image of homemaker plate, talked about as influence of x,y, and z, but does not tell you how it got there.

British ceremics was very insular and traditional. Pottery Gazette was main communication vehicle. There was Federation and conferences.

Pre war notions of pottery changed due to world influences, proper and traditional notions were in flux.

1920 30s Finding of ancient British pottery, led to descriptions in books about how represent national culture. Herbert Reed powerful cultural critic. Britishness became criteria of design.

Change had to be handled carefully, this move from tradition to modernity.
Representedin contraversy surrounding Utilityware (virginity, purity) for plain, new Britishness and emphasis on shape over decoration (roses).

These changes were sheparded in by few individuals.

Tension when government speaks about utility. The industry feel imposition of London.

The reaction to Scandinavian design as about morality. Against it, so escribed as feminizing of Scandinavian men. No beer but drink milk and lemonade.

Michael Biggs Fundamental principles of academic research

Two key areas Epistemology and methods

Epistemology issue of should we be concerned that there are different models of design research. Theory is just an explanatory tool which is used by my interest, my questions. There can be parallel worldviews.it depends on motivation. But it should work with internal coherence.

Methodology. What is relationship between question and the answers one is seeking. I go back to looking at the words people use.

Ontology of research Contrast with idea of intention of author for it to be researched.

Research must be disseminated, because must influence the actions of the field. It is accumulative but does not have to be progressive. Needs to be communicated by an effective journal. Need to be community.

Originality, must result in something new for the community not just the indivvidual. Trivial and conseqential originality. researcher must demonstrate that this is new. Does not account for that which is not dessiminated.

Context, need to show the use and interpretaion of the knowledge.

Who decides what meets criteria. Needs to have intentionality of author and audience.

For originality to be recognized in its context, need the critic who has more experience.

Intention is desirable but other criteria are the audience's judgement.

Commentary What is consequential research versus the trivial?

Consequential appears over time. Do not know until there is evidence of resonance and practice is impacted.

Note: excellent panel


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