Afternoon session DRS meeting Day 1
Wonderground Day 2 afternoon

DRS Wonderground Day 2 AM plenary

DRS day 2
Plenary I Presenters: Cherie Lebbon Artemis Yagou Alethea Blacker Tiiu Poldma Lucy Niemayer

Lucy Niemayer Product evaluation Did a survey of men. New focus on meaning in design (looking at emotional issues).
Postmodern society: design is linked to attidueds, values, and experience.
Attitudinal design Mental style and lifestyle, context of use.

Classes of shavers (four) based on number of blades. Men 20 to 30 years and different classes. Probing tools Questionnaire, collages (images and words), product evaluations, product personality.

Results Group 1more traditional, conservative, and use disposible shavers, colllages dealt with family, prefer rigid head and reject organic shapes, represent stable family life.

Group 2 more open, more choice, and use disposible blades, collages dealt with social lifestyle with men, prefer pivoting heads, represent high class person want to be in the future.

?? How does this differ from market research techniques?

Tiiu Color and light in interior environments Color and light theories are taught s separate. This is based on Cartesian bias. Not valuable if going to be relevant in the future. Lighting has changed (LEDs. Fiber optics.) due to technologies. Need to support human needs
Changing how people react to environments. Frustrated with teachng color as pure aesthetics. Because more dynamic and messy.

Her course: Color and light theory, application, interior spaces, and case studies. Explore objective and subjective components of light and color. Use university spaces as laboratory.

Integrat theory and practice. Dynamic processes s explored Students experiment

Design and emotion

Design has always been about eliciting emotion. Even during high modernism. Designs were sensuous. Choice of products have alwyas been emotionally based.

There is market driven understanding of emotion. She looks at history of emotion and design. Carthatic experience of religious artifacts.
Postmodern explore negative emotions like aversion to provoke critical thinking. Exploitation of national feeling like Greek watch.
Turkish researcher exploring the refrigerator in its ethnographic meaning


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