Blogging from Wonderground 2006 in Lisbon
Notes from am plenary session

Opening of Wonderground conference

Opening of Wonderground

Mayor of Lisbon Spoke of history of geography and Portuguese exploration.

Fernando. Congress head spoke of: Science is magic. Design is seduction. 1849 room was built to seduce. Center is where everything converges. Good that it is a small center. Wish us success in clarifying reality. Happy celtic new year.

Director of IADE school.
Happy to host Wonderground. Students will benefit. Design as multidimentional activity.

Rector of IADE school. Antonio Fero Newspaper called us brilliant minds. IADE was the first design school in Portugal.

Chair of DRS
He spoke of the changes that David During made that allowed DRS to move forward as more international and adventursome. Only society open to all disciplines of design and academic and professionals from all countries. He asked what purpose does the DRS can serve. Need to construct value of design research. Need to help/support design interactions with other disciplines.
The head of the firt meeting, Steven Scharwtz wished them good science. Ken Friedman wrote a paper about how design as science,(i.e. systematic approach to design). Steven Scharwtz said that design is the science of uncertainty. Wishes us,"Good science and great uncertainty".


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