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Rebranding Anthropology - Faux Ad

This year at the American Anthropological Association meetings, I showed, as part of the Anthropology Rebranding Project II, the faux advertisment I did for the field of Anthropology. Some people have asked me to present the clip so that students can see how the language of design can be used to create a more compelling and relevant image of Anthropology.

The tagline: Anthropology, Connect to Our Humaness.

Concept: Demonstrate how the global phenomenon of world soccer can be understood through the four fields of anthropology (archaeology, physical anthropology, linguistics, and socio-cultural anthropology).

Download (approximately 4 MB in Quicktime format. Note it is highly compressed.)


The Anthropology logo was created by Cheyenne Medina of StudioLab in Chicago.
The images are taken mostly from Getty Images. Note: These images are not used for commercial purposes, although I hope to convince the AAA to do an ad campaign maybe using them, in which they will be purchased.
The music is from the CD, La Casbah Paris (Atoll 2002). It is the first track "First Transmission" composed by Declan Flynn, and performed by Al-pha-X.


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