DRS Wonderground Day 2 AM plenary
DRS day 3 am session 1

Wonderground Day 2 afternoon

Jetlag caught up and I began to zone out significantly in the afternoon. Heard great talk by Nikola Morelli on Service Design. I will try to post from cell phone later. Here is his picture.

Nice evening discussion about different design journals and meeting more people to participate in the design and governmentality publications and conference.

I present today, so I might zone out in the afternoon again, but I will try to be diligent.

The conference has been excellent community wise. The papers are interesting but I find a lack of awareness of what other fields have done, which has been a point of discussion. I don't understand why designers feel like they should reinvent the wheel when they can take someone else's wheel and convert it to a spaceship. But I don't believe that originality is possible without knowing everything else that has been done, so maybe I just don't get it.

More later I promise.


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