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AAA Race Exhibit and Website

I just checked out the American Anthropological Associations Race site. As part of the AAA's outreach and what I would call rebranding, it addresses the historical, biological, and socio-cultural aspects of race. It is an amazing site and exhibit, part of which I saw at the AAA meetings.

Coming from a Boasian tradition, my engagement with anthropology has been complicated by the way in which the field has dealt with issues of race and racism. This presentation of anthropological knowledge about race reaffirms my faith in the field. Addressed to a general audience, it is education and engaging. It dispels many of the myths about race without authoritatively presenting one right answer. The games/quizes are very effective in allowing people to question their assumptions about who is white or the various ethnic/racial categorizations across the world.

The design of the site is easy to navigate, friendly, and very professionally done. I say go check it out.


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