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Designs for Life/Black Creativity

Last night, I attended the reception for the Designs for Life/Black Creativity exhibit as the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. I was part of the exhibit of black design educators. It was really cool to see how many black designers there are. The majority of the exhibitors were working at Nike, Ford, Motorola, and other large manufacturers. I got to see black design pioneers Chuck Harrison and Noel Mayo again.  I met lots of young designers who are doing very interesting work.

Its strange because I feel like such a psuedo designer in those contexts or at least I feel compelled to position myself as a non-designer, maybe a design educator. I still must not accept the idea of being a designer, in spite of my extensive fine arts training or the fact that I can use the tools of, at least, graphic design somewhat effectively. But I am comfortable with being named a black creative, two identities, of many, which resonate quite deeply.

The exhibit will be up from Jan 10th to Feb 28th.



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