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No longer a scientist?

As I am preparing for an NSF, I am coming to realize that I am no longer a scientist (social). Growing up, I had every expectation to become a scientist. I loved chemistry, psychology, biology, physics, and even calculus. I fell in love with anthropology because of its mix of science and humanities. Yet, I was never a positivist, or I was a cynical one. I remember in physics class in high school when I was give an extra credit assignment of researching equations with imaginary numbers. I never loved physics more than those couple of weeks contemplating imaginary numbers.

But the reason why I am no longer a scientist is that I operate at a level of complexity that is the opposite of the key empirical sciences of physics and chemistry. As a cultural anthropologist, I seek out the complexity and tangled interrelations of phenonmenon, whereas these sciences are very much akin to design in terms of seeking simple models of phenonmenon. I put together a project with over 200 variables, wheres for science you need to define 3-4 at the most.

So I edit myself down to a managable model of science, longing to ensnare them in future complexities.


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