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Breakfast with Dorie (w/ an "e")

Yesterday morning, I had brunch with Dorie Blesoff, an organization change management consultant. She is a truly amazing woman and pointed out some organizations and readings that I should follow up on.

The most exciting for me is The World Cafe methodology for deliberative and creative group futuring.   The idea is that you set up this cafe environment, introduce a key topic and question; have groups converse, doodle, and write down ideas for 20-30 minutes; move to another group for 2 more rounds, synthesize and share collectively. I think it is an approach that I want to use for the small conference and big conference, which I'm thinking of calling, "In Designo Nos Fidus" (In Design We Trust: design, policy, and participatory governance).

I am less impressed with Dr. Don Beck's Spiral Dynamics that she mentioned. This is the same ethnocentrism wrapped in the "evolution" of civilizations speak that has plagued the worst of evolutionary social models since the Great Chain of Beings. Of course the 3rd world is in the lower strata and the 1st worlds in the upper strata. It is very disappointing because if he had a more nuanced view of cultures, his model could be more useful to people who are not privileged.

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totally agree with you regarding the spiral dynamics analysis...i think it works better when you take the colors and make then run horizontal instead of vertical. matching evolutionary theory and social mimetics is a very interesting topic, but needs to be treated with more care. People generally do not respond well to be judged so harshly. As for the concept of 2nd Tier...i'm not sure i go along with it at all.

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