Governmentality and the materiality of governance
Materiality of governance

Taking criticism and equalibrium

Last weekend, I had my 35th birthday. It is a good time for reflection on how I have progressed as a person. One area in which I feel I have really progressed is in the acceptance of criticism from others. This is due to 2 things I think.

The emphasis on the communication of intent in Design

Having to criticize students so much on their failure to communicate their intent has made me more sympathetic to "misreadings" and "misinterpretations" of others.  I feel a greater burden to communicate my intent and am more open to responses as "information" not personal attack, when miscommunication happens.

Growing maturity and confidence

In Tai Chi, I am taught to never doubt my art. This does not mean being arrogant about my skills and assuming that my way is the right way, but rather it means that I should be confident that I am prepared enough to be able to respond to any situation, including the criticism of others.  If I am not prepared, then through the encounter, I will learn what it is that I need to improve upon. This has significantly reduced my anxiety levels as I assume that I can handle whatever comes good and bad, thus I can absorb and redirect any negative energy into a positive outcome.

This is a key aspect of leadership, absorbing and redirecting positive and negative energy, but it requires that the leader remains balanced.


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