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Design & Anthropology SIG for NAPA

Late last month, I submitted a proposal for a special interest group to the National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA) for Design & Anthropology.  It was approved by the NAPA board last week.

The mission of the Design & Anthropology Interest Group (D&A IG) is to increase the perceived value of the design and anthropological theories, methodologies, and artifacts to global business, government, and society. Under the institutional structure of the NAPA, the group will be able to develop cross-institutional collaborations with the professional design associations and “design” related divisions within the American Anthropological Association (ex. visual anthropology, contemporary archaeology, and museum studies) to amplify the message of Design & Anthropology’s value.

This is very exciting because the group can hold under a single umbrella the Anthropology Rebranding Project, perhaps EPIC, etc.  So in the next few months, I hope to be able to make rounds to the major design organizations to see what collaborations are possible. I hope to be able to leverage NAPA and the AAA to get NSF-sponsored research methods courses for design students, and design visualization courses for anthropology students.


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