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Since Yahoo created a news block for local news, I've been reading a lot of stories from the Chicago Tribune online. Have you ever noticed that most of the stories in the local news are about (1) fires, (2) car crashes, and (3) local politics in that order? In Chicago, the fires tend to take place mostly on the South Side and feature the deaths of women and children. This is very sad and says a lot about Chicago's racial and class structures where fires are never caught in time. The inhabitants are rarely saved.  The car crashes often involve druck drivers. The local politics, this being Chicago, is often about corruption scandals. We have our share of murders, but I'm really surprised about the number of fire headlines.

I guess with international and national news it is only the scale of events that differs. House fires become natural disasters. Car crashes become wars. Local politics become the statements and corruption of State, Federal, and Transnational politic figures. I go to the Good News Network to find the positivity in the news, but often there seems to not be enough of that.


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