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Making up for posting neglect

Sorry that I have been away from my posting. There are major paper and proposal deadlines at the end of June and I am focused on writing for peer-review publication. Quick highlights of the past weeks:

Final Art and Design Crits at UIC

The formula has changed significantly since midterms. A lot more intellectual engagement with the students' works in terms of what their design intentions are and how it fits within the body of art and design work. Again, I am surprised by how much my colleagues and students appreciate my presence and perspective in the critiques. They kept coming up to me and saying, "We're so glad you are here." I would check out the MFA show gallery on the UIC School of Art and Design site to see some amazing student work.

I think next year the students and the faculty on going to work harder at cross-disciplinary attendance to crits. I am hoping that next year would could put together a monthly salon to encourage the art and design students to cross-fertilize.

Attending Northwestern University's Islam and the Public Sphere in Africa symposium

I spent the day learning about the public sphere in Senegal. Some interesting facts about Senegal. It is a country that is 95% Moslem, mostly Sufi. The Sufi Brotherhoods provide the basis of "civil society" in that they are the main organizational structures of social life. The Senegalese Constitution is written in French, as part of its former French colonial history.

Lots going on in terms of applications and grants, essays and conference reviewing. I hope to be able to be a more diligent blogger in a week.


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