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MoMA and Richard Serra

Went to the MoMA yesterday to see his 40 year retrospective. I love the kineasthetic and aural experiences of his sculptures. There was another women going around singing "boop boop" to hear the acoustic resonance of the structures. What I love was the sense of dizziness I get from walking around the concave scultures. There is something hardwired about straight lines that makes you dizzy when there are not any.

I saw some really amazing work which reminded me of how much I love art and how much I am learning about design.

The Comic exhibition was so cool. I instantly recognized the work of Julie Mehretu's with its multple levels of drawing and painting. I kept trying to get closer and closer, then back away.

One thing that you don't realize by looking at pictures in books is the scale of the artwork. I have a loft and most of it could not fit on my walls. So first you have to have the walls for art, then the art itself.

It was an amazing day, feel of beauty and introspection. I had no appointments with people so I was free to wander on my own time. I like that feeling.


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