Intentions and consistency
Response to DO post "Why Design Won't Save the World"

becoming who you wish for

As I was cleaning out old boxes today, I came across the original proposal of incorporation for D4D in 2002 and my wish list for the new president of D4D post-Bob Zeni.

  • National reach (being able to put us in contact with people on the national level)
  • Consensus builder (being able to pull diverse directions into a clear vision that can be shared by all)
  • Have experience on a national platform (I am new to this and afraid of which steps to take, thus would value from experience).
  • Passionate
  • Accountable to the interests of the group, especially the board.
  • Synergistic (can bring together diverse domains and see big picture).

It is cool to think that several years later, I’ve become in many ways that person that I described, first with my work with Design for Democracy, but especially now on the international level with my work with In Design We Trust/Design Policy.

So be careful who you wish for, you might just become her.


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