Arbitrary meanings: Ethnographic vs. marketing research
Arrived in Ulm, Germany

AD418 Research Methods Podcase Week 03

A day late, but not a dollar short is the AD418 Podcast for week o3. This week was about the ethics of research with human subjects and sampling techniques. This week's lecture is a little longer (about one hour and a half,) but its because we got into very good discussions in the class. We discussed the Nazi medical experiments., the Tuskegee syphilis tests, and I showed them a video of the Milgram Experiments in obedience.

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Again, it was a good discussion.

I leave for Germany tomorrow to present at IFG Ulm, so I am podcasting my Friday's lecture and will upload it tonight for a double feature. I will address interviewing techniques. If I had more time, I would it in the style of the PSA from the 1950s. Interviewing! How to make friends in 1 hour! Maybe next time.


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