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AD418 Week 02 Podcast now available

This week, Week 02 Secondary Research, provides an overview of the (1) the five questions asked in proposal, (2) the four stages of research, (3) secondary vs. primary research and sources, (4) typology of research elements, (5) documentation sources, and (6) “text” beyond text.

There is an interesting discussion with students on how to use Russell Bernard's five elements of research:

  1. Internal states
  2. External states
  3. Behaviors
  4. Artifacts
  5. Environments

The point I was making is that it allows you to talk about your research within 2-3 words. My research is about people's internal states (beliefs) and artifacts for the elevator speech.

As I am preparing for a proposal at IFG Ulm next next week, I am going to use the 5 questions asked in a proposal as a basis:

  1. What are the questions or intentions of your research?
  2. How does it fit within a wider body of knowledge in the field?
  3. What will be your evidence and how will you gather it?
  4. What are your qualifications to conduct the research?
  5. What is its contribution to the field?

Cool stuff. We visited the library where librarian Steve Brantley walked the students through the UIC search systems. UIC has RefWorks which is a non-proprietary reference management software.  So now the students can manage their references for free.


Gabriel Harp

Hi! The podcasts are great and a pleasure to listen to. Thanks for making them public. The bus ride home is now tolerable -and- informative!

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