AD418 Research Methods Podcase Week 03

Arrived in Ulm, Germany

Guten Tag. I arrived in Ulm, Germany to prepare for my presentation at IFG Ulm tomorrow. The train ride from Stuttgart was picturesque with rolling hills, small towns with red roofs (some with solar panels), people riding bikes on dirt roads, and even a couple of vineyards. Autumn is earlier here than in Chicago, so the leaves are already showing their red, golden, and purple colors.

Riding the train was sooooo romantic. When I think of Europe, I always think of riding trains. The DB trains are bright red with blue seats. I flipped down my tray and spent the hour looking out the window and finishing my work.

The flight from Chicago to Zurich was lovely. I sat next to Mike, who flies to Prague every 4 months to spend 2 months helping his sisters take care of his mother with Alzheimer's. His wife works for the airline industry, so he was full of information about planes. Did you know that it takes a 747 approximately 40-50 seconds from the engines to go from full throttle until lift off. I didn't either, but I will count every time I fly now.

I'm so excited about tomorrow's presentation.



Best of luck!!

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