Ulmer M√ľnster spire
Reflections on Ulm: when does cultural method become style

Results from Ulm

So we/I did not receive the IFG Ulm award, which is a good thing in many ways. Their process is that you have a lot of discussion about what your project is about. The main questions about my project had to do with the panel of experts and the format of a conference to bring together the different communities. The discussion pointed to a mismatch between the work at IFG Ulm and where I am at in my evolution, which has a more grassroots basis or is wanting to feel more grassroots, than projects that are about meta-processes. I have been doing the on-the-ground work and continue to do so with Cook County and IRS, but it is reaching the need for greater scale and sustainability.

The In Designo Nos Fidus project was about setting the platform through examples and relationships to make this kind of design policy work scalable and sustainable. Unfortunately, I could not articulate that or come to that point before the jury, but I have clarity about it now.

So IFG Ulm was a great experience because I've met people like Ksenija Berk from Slovenia, Pierre Belanger from Toronto, and Christine Bechstein of Portland, Maine, whom I intend to work with in the future.


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