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Blaise Aguera y Arcas, Pre-History of the Metaverse

He wants to do more than talk about photosynth. There was idea that with networks that we would see cyberspace. Then web came along and it was within reach. It was simple and made use of things we already knew how to deal with.

Cyberspace now means being online. What motivating is bringing back the original vision of seeing cyberspace. Came to Microsoft with because we had much less than what we have now because of collaboration.

Seadragon ingine. Have large number of photos and accessing them very fluidly. The way they think about interacting with documents is a little bit broken. We think about opening a document; we download. If too big, take long time.

Need to think about documents as sources of information.

Gaming is really interested in it. The GPU can be done in 3D because using the graphics hardwear. It was just a toy until saw photo tourism at U Washington and Microsoft. Microsoft Research is the Bell Labs of computer research. Almost 1/4 and 1/3 of SIGGRAPH papers had a Microsoft Research co-author. He made a 3D reconstruction of Notre Dame from photos showing the position of the cameras that were taking them.

The idea of reconstructing 3D from images has a long history. Noah was using off the shelf technique. Instead of making a quake level for images, it is better to do so from photos. Putting the photos into context and how they are related to each other.

Algorithm: feature extraction, matching, then 3D reconstruction. David Lowe in 1999 did Photo tourism. The key to do reconstruction of features, and find similar features in other photos.

Feature gets a descriptor, unique and robust of 128 numbers from different points of view. Match the features in others and reconstruct when see features looking at the same thing. Can solve question of where does it need to be in 3D space, estimate geometry.

They should use this for the AIGA archives. Authoring can be done with digital camera not coding for say for example a commercial website for a kitchen design firm. Can do hyperlinks of images.

It uses off the shelf parts. Digital photos. Materials are there already, can put them together. It will be emergent and come from many people's images.



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