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AIGA Next Command X semi-finals

It is the last three remaining contestants, Kelly Dorsey, Matt Munoz, and Nichelle Narcici.  Grand prize is $1000 and Adobe CS3.

Assignment was get people between 18 and 24 to vote.

Kelly's concept was to tell youth to Vote: they won't expect it. Displayed on college campuses. Vote it will keep them guessing.

Matt concept is to demystify the voting process, create personal meaning, and bring relevance and transparent to issue.  He proposes a little information book and create blog and other touch points. Companion site to elucidate issue. He had an concept of showing the relevance of the Iraq war to the death of 18-24 year olds. The comment is design thinking.

Nichelle concept is to make youth seem like they are part of the out group. Her concept, Except you. Its a PDF which youth can print off and put on bulletin board or cars. "Everyone counts, except you." It was a clean white background and helvetica type.

Nichelle should win based on the Except You campaign itself. But it is about the power of design thinking in this last task.


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