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AIGA Next Maira Kalman

AIGA Next Friday Recap

So my talk went well. Lots of anthrodesigners coming out of the woodwork. Evening sessions were a blur. Hard to blog because they were more visuals of designers' works. Will recap later.

Some highlights from yesterday:
Marian Bantjes said a lot about following your Next in unexpected ways. I like her semi-Zen approach to one's life and career. Her graphic art is gorgeous.

Illustrator's rock! Christopher Niemann gave a overview of his illustration work mostly for the New Yorker. Witty and self-deprecating in a German way, he was really cool and spoke a lot about the relationship between editorial restrictions, clarity, and creativity. It was almost the opposite of Paul Bundnitz.

Momus (aka Nick Currie) was very cool but very incoherent in his presentation. He probably said some of the smartest things about design, philosophy, and culture that you never really got because the presentation was so tangled. Plus he was sporting a cool eye patch due to tainted contact lenses. The highlight quote that will go around the blogsphere, "The Japanese, gays, and graphic designers all play attention to texture. God is in the details."

In the evening, I went to the Substance exhibit curated by Lisa Abendroth. It is a small version of Massive Change or the Cooper Hewitt Design for the Other 90% exhibit. There are really exciting projects including Design for Democracy. The DforD book is out.


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