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AIGA Next Marian Bantjes

Marian Banjes

The idea of Next is point of suspension. The past, present, and future are fused together in lock of memory and imagination. Sometimes looks like fate.

Inspiration is the forge of next that propels them forward. Its not something you can plan and expect. Inspiration allows us to forge into the unknown. She was asked to look at her past artifacts of inspiration.

Spent 10 years as typesetter. Was not as a passion or not interested necessarily in publishing. Was getting change for bud and saw the a. Was it fate or accident?

She saw parallels between travels and visual appreciation for the ornate and complex patterns. In 80s started painting, in 90s started printing. But she got bored. Then did variations in patterns and experiments in her private life. in 1994 left job as typesetter and did work as designer until 2003. Some of it was good. The work was not exceptional and she lost sense of inspiration. Her art only appeared in her own company work.

For the first time she create her own next. Sold business to partner, she was desparate and dying so had to start anew. She gave herself a year to start making money. Gave herself 18 months, and people finally started hiring her.

She likes to fuse the past and the present. Has deep love of Modernism, structure, and logic. From complexity, structure, and typography many things come forth. She never foresaw it presenting at AIGA main stage.

Personal mania for Nextness can be destructive. When is the next cover? the next assignment? These are terrible thoughts. They make us ignore what we have in this moment. The only reality we can know or appreciate is the present.

She revels in the lack of misery.


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