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AIGA is the rock concert of design. He is talking about Kid Robot in 2002 based on toys coming at of Japan and Hong Kong. He thought them essential and edgy. The story of Kid Robot is the story of motion. The Bounty Hunter toy from Japan was the first. Vinyl toys are cute and scary. He sold them to accent to clothing line. The inspiration for Bounty Hunter toys are from US cereal cartoon characters.

Michael a Hong Kong toy designer used to cut off heads of GI Joes and created own toys. European toy makers started.

Most of us think of toy store, we think of toys are us. Almost all of them are from something else. What they are selling is not great toy or object, but your memory of Star Wars or dinosaur movie. The toys are not interesting.

Kid Robot makes toys and clothing. Toys are released on Thursday in limited runs of 250. Made for Marc Jacob. Have own original toys are not from anything. Motion and about what is creating as art assets. His criteria is a Kid Robot aesthetic. Have creative staff of 4 people, but do as much as they do because they are collaborative.

They come up with a shape, Donny rabbit, and then have designers and graffiti artist design them. They sell from children to adults to art collector.

Most of the artists are graffiti artists, like Rock Steady Crew. There is a flat aesthetic, passionate, and take a risk. Need to only find 100 people to buy it because limited editions, so can take risks.

The creative process. As kids, we were free to create. We played with food, which discovered that food was great medium for art. Someone taught us, someone we loved, then we taught that free creativity is dangerous. The adult mind is not free to be creative. We need to be free of the ego.

Nostalgia is death by Bob Dylan. Nostalgia is not life generating. The pot of his grandmother was draining his life, which then resulted in getting rid of everything. Then freed up more energy for creativity.

Peecol toy, you cannot buy it and you could give it. There were pictures of Nuke in Burma at the protests. Nuke has a facebook page.

Clothing line: wanted to use it as inspiration. Use graphic feel but not a character on a shirt. All the clothes are limited edition. The jackets are numbered. Labbit stools, toys projected at club opened in Toronto.

How they break down the ego: the mind is a critical tool. The mind is trying to protect us.  It judges. Mind is useless from coming up with new ideas. Separate generative and critical processes. Have a giant whiteboard to design kids show characters. Went into a room and started sketching. Let the person with the bad ideas be free.

Then had a critical section and then back and forth. Came up with Moochy Pooty characters. Showed a Kid Robot cartoon for Munny.


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