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AIGA Next Biomimicry's Janine Benyus

Blogging from AIGA Next

Today is the first full day of AIGA 2007 National Conference NEXT. It should be an exciting morning with Janine Benyus of Biomimicry fame. I first saw her present at a Community Conference in 1999. Paul Budnitz will talk about creativity and risk. Then it it off to my presentation on the Yin Yang of Design and Anthropology at 11:00am. I have a whole hour session to myself and don't think that my presentation is long enough, but hopefully there will be enough people there that the discussion would be good.

Got a great photo of Ric Grefe and his sister before the festivities.  Will post later.

So it's now starting...

Bruce Mau had to cancel to go to visit a client in Hong Kong.
Command X hosted by Michael Beirut has eliminated two contestants and the next task is to do packaging for sausage on a stick for Jimmy Dean sausage. He is surprised by the outcomes. The five remaining contestants will come back in the afternoon to show their Jimmy Dean packaging results.  We are welcomed to corrupt the judges to advocate for our favorite contestants.


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