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Voy a Cuba

Hoy, voy a Cuba para la conferencia de ICOGRADA. Today I am going to Cuba for the ICOGRADA conference. I am really excited because I've never been to Cuba before. I have packed my camera because the only things as an American I can take out are photographs. Tee hee.

At NeoCon in Baltimore, I met this wonderful gentleman Rafael Fuentes, who left Cuba when he was 15 years old and have not been allowed to return in 36 years. There is great sadness is this form of exile.

So I hope that there is wifi access at the conference, as Ric Grefé once indicated. I will try to blog and take lots of photographs while there.

If not, then wish me buen viaje. Ir a Cuba en este momento de la historia será una gran aventura. To go to Cuba in this moment in history will be a great adventure.

Hasta luego. See you later.


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