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Departing for Hong Kong and IASDR

I leave for China later today. I am really excited because it will be my first time in Asia. I feel so woefully under prepared for the trip. I have not learn Cantonese, hopefully in the plane I can at least pick up some greetings.

I won't be able to see much of the city because the conference days are the only days I could afford to stay. There is too much else going on for me to stay longer.

So there will be little shopping (everything is made in Hong Kong and China anyway). I hope to find some Tai Chi classes. There are free ones at the museum. Or hopefully I can find some in a park.

The conference itself is going to be great. So many people and papers. I moderate the first Keynote session, so that will make it easier for me to get to know people.

So I'm off to finish packing. See you in Hong Kong.


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