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Nothing to report except for the fact that I played hooky. But I did get the link to the IASDR conference papers by timetable, a new charger from Canon that works in Hong Kong. My hotel is off of Nathan road. I went to an electronics store. They told me to go to the Canon store, which I did a got a good charger. I ran into a lot of Africans on Nathan street who were staying at the Mission on Nathan Road.

I had lunch of dim sum at the hotel, which was full of Chinese families, Chinese business people, and Chinese and Western business people. It was really good.

I finished my work and went to the dinner at the Harbor Plaza Metropolis Hotel. It was like a wedding with large white banquet tables, but no ice sculptures. They had bird fortune tellers, paper cutting artists who did the fastest sillouette portraits, flour sculptors, and other activities. There was a Chinese mask dance for entertainment. It was a lovely time and I have some photos that I'll post on Flickr in the morning.

I have to go to bed, since I present first thing in the morning.

Nite nite


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