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New Year Resolutions

I like the term resolution because it connotes a self-awareness of imperfections and the discipline to address them. Of course, I make resolutions all year long. But, New Year's resolutions seem to have a stronger resolve because you feel as though you can forgive your past shortcomings and start fresh.

One of my shortcomings that I keep pressing up against is my accelerated sense of timing. So my New Year's resolutions are all about activities and experiences that will acclimate me to a slower life pace:

  1. Invest more time in face to face and telephonic communications. I realized how impatient and frustrated I had become with face to face and telephone conversations with people because they take more time than an email. That probably is not a healthy attitude.
  2. Cook my own breakfasts and dinner and eat them at the table. I've started to do this already a bit and find that I am more relaxed throughout the day and evening when I do that.
  3. Double the amount of time I give myself to do something.  In Tai Chi, there is a saying that you have to go slow in order to go fast. I really need to go slower.
  4. Take a real vacation for one week in which I cannot bring my laptop computer.

I think the rest will all fall into place if I firmly commit myself to these activities.


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