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My Communitas Workshops at NCSU

Headin' South

Today I go to North Carolina for a workshop and public lecture tomorrow at North Carolina State University and Meredith Davis's interaction design class.

My lecture is on digital community, as it relations to Victor Turner's idea of communitas and Benedict Anderson's Imagined Community. I then take, from an old Sapient Project, the idea the community is experienced through one's historical identity, goals in life, the community structure, one's agency within the structure, and the relationships you have. That project was a really good report.

I also give a public lecture on the Yin Yang of Design and Anthropology. I realize I have two versions of that lecture: the one I did at Wayne State (more informational) and the one I did for AIGA (more lyrical). I'm giving the informational version for this audience.

So I will look forward to the warmer weather, although it's only gotten cold again in Chicago today.


Marcela M

Ah--bad timing since I just left NC and am back in Texas now. I would have loved to have heard your lecture. I'll be taking Christina's design anthropology class this semester in case you want to make a cameo there :)

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