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Yes, We Can_Obama and Hope

I just saw the most moving political action in my life. Following a link from Design Observer, I viewed YouTube video of musicians and actors saying/singing the word's to a Barack Obama's speech, "Yes, We Can." Most of the time I would link to it, but I think it is important to embed the video.

This is the "I Have a Dream" action of my generation. It's an action not a speech, because it is the appropriately musical (by Herbie Hancock), accessible, full of beautiful people, and viral aspect of this that has moved me to tears. I've heard Obama speak, and have yet to be moved as I was by this video that makes him into the expression of hope and centers us as the expression of that hope.

Cornell West characterizes hope:"Hope enacts the stance of the participant who actively struggles against the evidence in order to change the deadly tides of wealth inequality, group xenophobia, and personal despair".

Until now I have been skeptical. But perhaps it is time for hope.



I loved the video. thanks for sharing :)

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