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Crazy Busy

Sorry I haven't been so diligent in posting for a while. It has been crazy busy these last couple of weeks. We are completing the design phase of the Cook County Bureau of Health Services project. We deliver the final products (not prototypes) on Tuesday. Sappi's grant of $50,000 buys a lot of printing. We have 15 skids, yes I said skids, of materials being delivered to CCBHS warehouse on Tuesday. The sad part is that the materials will only cover about 6 months of the Bureau's needs.

I put together an NEA grant for the website development. That was really fun (except for the submission part) because it allowed me to really see how valuable work through the City Design Center is and will continue to be. After losing Design for Democracy, to have a organizational infrastructure to write grants, provide visiting research positions, and eventually plant young designers into government agencies is all that I envisioned DforD becoming.

Midterms of coming up and I have lots of essays to read. I am on all of the ID grad student committees (3) and I think 5 of the graphic design, one studio arts, and so far, maybe 1 EV. 

Finally, I am planning the UIC Motorola Innovation Center Innovators lecture series, with Aaron Marcus coming on Wednesday, March 12th. From 4-5:30pm. Before that, tomorrow we complete the reviews of ID candidates for next years grad program and I am hosting the film night for CAPA at the City Design Center on Tuesday.

So its been pretty full couple of weeks. I also forgot to mention the presentation I gave at Motorola the end of February. So that is catching up on all that I am doing. Hopefully, I will be able to blog more faithfully after next week's insanity.


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