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Democracy versus Expediency: the Democratic Race

I am completely baffled by calls in the media and blogosphere for Hilary to throw in the towel. The NY Times' Jody Cantor, again  raised the question of whether a long campaign will hurt the Democratic party. But by asking Hilary Clinton to quit the raise, when any where from 40-60% of the people are still voting for her, would we not hurt democracy?

Indiana, whose citizen's votes rarely count in the Presidential Primary because the decision is over by Super Tuesday in February, is going to be relevant for deciding who our next Democratic candidate will be. Montana and South Dakota,  last on the primary calendar, should be relevant come June.

Democracy is good for the Democratic party because democracy reflects the will of the people. If the people are divided in their will that process should be allowed to follow its course. To say that the millions of people should not have the right to make a difference seems worse than any fracturing of the Democracy party that can happen at the August Convention.

Shame on those picking expediency for the political parties over the democratic process of the people.


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