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My article on design anthropology at Abobe Think Tank

Hey, I just noticed that my article on Design Anthropology: What can it add to your design practice?  just came out on Adobe Think Tank.  It was lots of fun to write and David Womack is a great editor. I now want a personal editor.  Here is the teaser:

Designers primarily concern themselves with how to create a "successful" communication, product, or experience. But with the past 10 years of globalization, digitalization, and ever increasing design complexity, designers have come to realize that to answer the question of design "success" requires that they answer that question of how the processes and artifacts of design help define what it means to be human.

Also in my publishing forays, I was quoted by Rick Poyner in his May 2008 ID Magazine article, Down with Innovation. The quote was “There is an inherent intelligence to beauty, which is about the depth and passion we feel for the world.” Tee hee. I did not even know I was quoted in the article until an ID undergrad student told me. The quote comes from a comment I left on Design Observer about the power of beauty.


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