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Feelin' better

Ain't no cure for the summertime flu

So today, Jerry and I are sick. Jerry won't eat and was lethargic during his walk this morning. I'm trying to figure out if his teeth are bothering him, but he won't even eat the yogurt this morning.

I have a flu or at least checking my symptomology it is the flu, not a cold:

  1. Fever: didn't check but I've been having the sweats, which are indicative of a fever
  2. Headache, big time. I though I was going to die yesterday until I took two Advils
  3. Aches and pains, all over.
  4. Fatigue/weakness, I feel super weak. All I want to do is lie down and watch Law and Order reruns.
  5. Extreme exhaustion, walking Jerry this morning was so difficult.
  6. Stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat: yep, but these are more often cold symptoms
  7. Chest discomfort, just started today.

Tonight is the gala for the opening of SITE Santa Fe Biennial. I am supposed to be working tonight, but I think I will have to skip the after party and go to bed.




are you all over the flu? i can relate re: law and order reruns (jerry orbach was my man). i had a pretty serious addiction during grad school, which willow has helped me wean (mostly because i don't have time anymore to watch tv).

it was nice seeing you the other night. i thought some of the stuff omar was saying about republican versus democratic campaign messages was pretty interesting and i've been tuning in more closely to how i would classify the messages of each party.

of course, we can also relate to your remarks about santa fe's complexion. you will find that the color palette changes depending on what kind of event you are attending and where it is. places like site and the opera are pretty relentlessly white. at more casual surrounds you might find slightly more diversity. we haven't developed a full catalog yet of where one might find whom, as we don't get out much.

hope you and the pup are both back to your healthier selves.



so sorry to hear you are sick. call me if you'd like to see our doctor - she is a good, serious, no-nonsense austrian practitioner. we also have santa fe's best vets.

we had a serious scare with your adopted niece willow yesterday. see for more details.

let me know if there's anything we can do for you or jerry, anything at all. it sucks to be sick.

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