Sculptress of Plastic Ristras: SITE Santa Fe Biennial
NYC Last Week

Final Sculpture for SITE Santa Fe

So today I spent all day finishing my sculpture.

Here is the view from below, which is what most people will see when it is hanging from the lamp post.


Although I did not have time to do this, I am glad I did for two reasons:

  1. It is good to make something creative with your hands. I've not had the opportunity to do so in  along time.
  2. I got to meet really cool Santa Feans and visiting interns. So now I have people to go to farmers market with or take African dance with. I've particularly bonded with Dakota and Alicia, with whom I'm taking the dance class  tomorrow night after writing.

Yesterday, I spent the day with Gong Szeto, Bonnie Schwartz (his wife) and Willow (his daughter). I know they are going to read this, but trust me that I would say the same thing if they were not.  :)

They are truly good souls, smart and funny people, who think very deeply about the world, yet are still able to engage with it openly. The best thing that will come out of spending the summer here in Santa Fe will hopefully be the friendship I establish with them.


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