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Final Sculpture for SITE Santa Fe

Sculptress of Plastic Ristras: SITE Santa Fe Biennial

Sorry, I haven't been posting. From some reason, not all of the posts from my mobile phone have been going through. For the last three days, I have been playing artist at the SITE Santa Fe. We are preparing for the biennial in a couple of weeks. A bunch of interns and community artists are helping to build these sculptures based on the work of Hiroshi Fuji, an emerging Japanese artists who does sculptures out of plastic bottles.

So we got to wash bottles the first day. It was actually fun because there was lots of women, so we would gossip and wash like women probably used to do when they went down to the river. A lot of people did not come back in the afternoon because they wanted to do only the fun making part not the preparations.

The second day and third day, I've worked on my sculpture, which was to create a ristra out of plastic bottles. Ristras are the strings of dry chilies that people hang on doors here in Santa Fe. I made two of them with the help of Dakota, a local artist in clay, and it took over 45 green and blue plastic bottles. Then I made four small non-chili ristras to fill out the space because the armatures cannot show when they are placed on top of the parking lot lights at the Santa Fe Opera.

Here is what it looked like at the end of yesterday. The blue green color makes it look like sea kelp, but then as someone pointed out (it looks very nourishing) which means it looks like a bunch of nipples. I will go back this AM to work on it. Then at 12:30pm, I meet Bonnie and Willow, who are the family of Gong Szeto, who I only know virtually, but will meet for the first time today.



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